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Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions



          As stated by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications and governmental activities. As a result, all signage in public areas of buildings are required to use compliant symbols and graphics.



          Our aluminum substrates are .040 thick. All of our aluminum is coated with a high quality, baked on high gloss enamel. This is a good choice for small to medium size indoor and outdoor signage. We can also special order .080 thick aluminum for those signs that need to be stronger and more durable.



          Banners are a cost effective solution to promote any event from grand openings, trade shows, sales promotions, informational signage and more.  Available in any size, they can be digitally printed with full color vivid graphics and text in an array of colors.  Typically hemmed and grommeted, you can have them custom finished with pole pockets, Velcro, and more for custom applications. Nylon Banners have a dressier look, often used for churches, schools, museums, parades, corporate lobbies, special events, clubs and organization meetings.  This quality, fabric material is recommended for interior use only. Flex Face banner material is a flexible fabric that can be used for lightbox sign faces, awnings, backdrops, exhibits and more.  The smooth glossy surface can be digitally printed with vivid, bright graphics and designs. Poly Banners are a lightweight, economical solution to temporary sales, events and promotions.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be customized for any event.



            We can help your company develop a compliant Tactile & Braille signage program that coordinates with the décor of your building.  Over the years we have assisted various hospitals, hotels, government agencies, recreational parks, schools, and more to develop a comprehensive & attractive Tactile/Braille solution.



These signs typically use a type of Fluorescent Light Technology involving high output fluorescent bulbs. Each Recessed Double Contact high output fluorescent bulb is held in place by Recessed Double Contact Lamp holder pairs, one having a spring. Bulb installation or replacement is made easy by pushing the bulb slightly in the direction of the spring socket, then moving the other end of the bulb outward. Cabinet-only signs that are equipped to be mounted onto an exterior wall.



          Different variations of decals include: water-slide or water-dip; and vinyl peel-and-stick. A water-slide (or water-dip) decal is screen-printed on a layer of water-soluble adhesive on a water-resistant paper, that must first be dipped in water prior to its application. Upon contact with water, the glue is loosened and the decal can be removed from its backing; overly long exposure, however, dissolves the glue completely causing the decal to fail to adhere. A peel-and-stick decal is actually not a decal as described above, but a vinyl sticker with adhesive backing, that can be transferred by peeling off its base. The sign industry calls these peel-and-stick vinyl stickers vinyl-cut-decals.



          Using our Gerber Sabre router table, we have the ability to design and route virutally any type of logo or art piece. Typical material choices for interior lobby signs are:

 - PVC in varying thicknesses
 - Acrylic for a great glossy finish
 - HDU (high density urethane) is perfect for simple or complicated routing
 - Brushed silver or gold laminates create a classy professional final product
 - Formica laminates offer limitless possibilities for logo and letter faces and backer panels. Lobby and wall sign installation methods vary based on the desired final "look" of the project. We can mount the individual logos and letters directly onto almost all wall materials, but often recommend using a solid backer panel instead. This allows us an opportunity to assemble the entire sign at our office and install the larger panel with minimal effect on the walls of your building. Acrylic makes for a perfect solution as a back panel because it carries a high gloss finish that looks fantastic in an office environment!


          Directories direct the traffic throughout your building in an efficient & professional manner.   Using a wide variety of shapes, sizes & styles of Directories, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner/ Directional & Way finding- For large companies, Directional and Wayfinding signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression. Directories direct the traffic throughout your building in an efficient & professional manner.  



            Available in a multitude of colors to match any décor, Engraved Signs give a clean, professional look.  In one of the most common methods, the top layer of plastic is engraved to expose the bottom layer as a contrasting color.  With the newer laser engravers, you can even engrave extremely complicated & detailed images onto brass, glass, wood and more.



            Sign options that go as far as the mind can imagine. Exterior signs can be anything from banners, aluminum, window graphics, monuments, wood, post and panel, just letters, illuminated signs, or even just a sign cabinet. Anything is possible.



            Anything we do can have a frosted look to it, we can make glass look frosted, or even a whole car look frosted. Anything to fit your needs for advertising.


Full Wrap

            A full vehicle wrap delivers the most dazzling marketing image and offers the best value for your marketing dollars. A full vehicle wrap involves printing a design onto vinyl and wrapping the vinyl onto the vehicle. The result is a design that looks like it was painted directly on to the vehicle. A full vehicle wrap covers a large portion of the vehicle. A full vehicle wrap covers almost the entire vehicle - except for usually the roof. Partial vehicle wraps and truck lettering / spot graphics don't cover nearly the same amount of space as a full vehicle wrap. The result is a larger surface area for the design that is the most eye catching form of mobile advertising available to small business owners.


            The options for interior signs are endless. Interior signs can be anything from banners, aluminum, window graphics, dimensional, directories, ADA, engraving, braille, just letters, illuminated signs, or even just a sign cabinet. Anything is possible.



          Channel letters are another type of dimensional letter often used on store fronts and other large buildings.  They are 3-dimensional, usually consisting of an acrylic front with a contrasting trim (or body) of the letter. Dimensional Letters are individual letters formed out of plastic, wood, foam or metal.  They have a 3-D, dimensional look that lends depth and character to your sign.  Non-illuminated, they are most commonly used in lobbies, stores, offices and interior applications but are durable outdoors as well.  Available in a rainbow of colors, and most basic fonts, Dimensional Letters are an excellent solution for a classy, professional looking sign.



            Your design and your company image on a large magnet for the side of your vehicle, a mobile way to attract customers without breaking the bank.



            Even the small odd end jobs we can do. Small decals, tradeshow displays, all sizes of prints, you name it we will find a way to do it.




          Monument signs are the large sign structures that anchor a business or mark the entry into a subdivision.  They reflect on your business and can be influential at drawing customers through your front door.  They are designed in a myriad of styles, from sleek, corporate looking to eclectic and outdoorsy.  These can be themed to match your building, incorporating brick, stone, wood, stucco, alunimum and your branding image.


Partial Wrap

          A partial vehicle wrap can be almost as visually stunning as a full vehicle wrap - yet can cost only a fraction of the price. A partial vehicle wrap is similar to a full vehicle wrap in that a design is printed on vinyl and then wrapped onto the vehicle.  As with a full vehicle wrap, the end result is a vehicle with a design that looks like it was painted directly on to the vehicle. 



            We can add perforated vinyl to any window, with your print on it, so you can still see out but you can also advertise on your windows. Also another non-bank breaker.


Post and Panel

            Commonly used by banks, construction companies, real estate agencies, political candidates and more.  Lawn signs, sometimes called site signs are a cost effective way to get your message across in a big way.  Let us design your signs with full color graphics and even photographs for the best looking sign in the neighborhood.


Real Estate

          Choose from a wide variety of signs and frames designed to promote the real estate industry or for that matter any industry!  With our state of the art digital printers, we are able to design vibrant, full color signs that will grab attention and bring in sales for your business.  Our graphic design team can create signs for independent professionals or duplicate those for franchised companies.  They will work with you to create a unified, professional look for all of your signs. 



            Easy to change & update your message as needed, plastic A-Frame signs are a great way to promote your sale or special event.  Choose from a wide variety of styles from easy-grip molded handles to secure, interchangeable sign inserts.  Add full-color vibrant graphics along with your custom logo and colors, for the perfect portable advertisement.


Spot Graphics

          Automobile and truck lettering / spot graphics are a traditional form of vehicle graphics. Truck lettering is cost efficient, yet still effective at communicating vital information. Truck lettering consists of text and may be accompanied by a spot graphic (usually a business logo). Truck lettering and spot graphics entail a simple design. They cover less of surface area than vehicle wraps, but are still very capable of delivering your marketing message.


          We have a large selection of banner stands for every event-from simple, lightweight flex frames, to larger, attention grabbing revolving banner displays.  From the Banner Stand to the graphics that go on it, our designers can create complete Banner Display kits that are perfect for your special event. 



          Traffic signs are used to direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Using a wide variety of shapes & sizes, our graphics specialists can help you accomplish this in a unified & professional manner.  Keeping your signs consistent and branded leaves a positive and lasting impression.



          Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics are one of the most cost effective marketing tools for your business. Vehicle wraps and truck lettering or spot graphics do a fantastic job at promoting your brand and bringing you more customers. Think of it as a mobile billboard.



            Create an organized & visually pleasing work place with custom labels and decals.  We can create virtually any size & shape decal you might need.  Printed on our state-of-the-art digital printers these are high-resolution, quality decals that are durable indoors or out.  Not affected by rain or water, surfaces where they have been applied are washable, unlike store purchased paper labels.



            Wood signs have been a sign industry standard.  Carved, routed or sand-blasted, these types of signs have a classic elegance.  Often seen in quaint little tourist towns like Gatlinburg, TN these signs will dress up any storefront.  New wood-like products that look like wood but are actually a high density urethane, allow you to have the traditional wood look without the maintenance.  HDU will not rot, peel and crack like wood, but can be routed, carved or sand blasted just like wood. 


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