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Usable Art Work

Sending Artwork


Acceptable File Formats:

o       Adobe Acrobat 9 Document (*.pdf) (recommended)

o       Adobe Illustrator CS3 Artwork (*.ai) (recommended)

o       Adobe Photoshop CS3 Image (*.psd) (recommended) (High Resolution)

o       Encapsulated Post Script (*.eps) (recommended)


Converting Fonts To Outlines:

o       Please convert fonts to outline or be sure to include the screen fonts and the printer fonts with your graphic files.

o       How to convert your fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator:

1.     Select all text.

2.     Click Type Menu > Type > Create Outlines



o       PMS (Pantone) or custom colors must be specified in the file.



When sending files that are larger than 10MB, you can use


Yousendit is a web-based secure digital file delivery company, which lets users securely send, receive, and track files on demand. It is an alternative to sending large email attachments.


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