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Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial Vehicle Wrap vs. Full Vehicle Wrap

The main difference between a partial vehicle wrap and a full vehicle wrap is the amount of vehicle covered by the wrap.  A partial vehicle wrap covers approximately half as much of the vehicle as a full vehicle wrap.  A quality partial vehicle wrap will incorporate the color of the vehicle as part of the design to give the appearance of a full vehicle wrap.


Who is a Partial Vehicle Wrap For?

A partial vehicle wrap is for the business owner who is looking for a great way to build their brand without having to spend the money required for a full vehicle wrap.


Partial Vehicle Wraps as Marketing Tools

With vehicle wraps, you can get up to 50 times the amount of impressions for the same cost as other forms of advertising. Partial vehicle wraps are much more cost effective than other forms of traditional business advertising. 


Cost of Partial Vehicle Wraps

Sign-A-Rama DTC has years of expertise with the design and installation of Partial Vehicle Wraps. The data provided below should give you a general idea approximately how much a partial vehicle wrap will cost based on your requirements.

  • Full Color Printed Vinyl
  • Full Sized Vehicle
  • Install
  • Moderate Design

Total Cost: Starts at around $1,000

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