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Full Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Wraps

What is a Full Vehicle Wrap?

A full vehicle wrap delivers the most dazzling marketing image and offers the best value for your marketing dollars.

A full vehicle wrap involves printing a design onto vinyl and wrapping the vinyl onto the vehicle. The result is a design that looks like it was painted directly on to the vehicle. A full vehicle wrap covers a large portion of the vehicle.


Full Vehicle Wrap vs. Partial Vehicle Wrap

A full vehicle wrap covers almost the entire vehicle - except for usually the roof. Partial vehicle wraps and truck lettering / spot graphics don't cover nearly the same amount of space as a full vehicle wrap. The result is a larger surface area for the design that is the most eye catching form of mobile advertising available to small business owners.


Who is a Full Vehicle Wrap For?

A full vehicle wrap is for the business owner who is looking to develop a strong brand identity. A full vehicle wrap is the most costly - but most effective mobile advertising option.


Full Vehicle Wraps as Marketing Tools

With vehicle wraps, you can get up to 50 times the amount of impressions for the same cost as other forms of advertising. Full vehicle wraps are much more cost effective than other forms of traditional business advertising.

Cost of Full Vehicle Wraps

Sign-A-Rama DTC has years of expertise with the design and installation of full vehicle wraps. The data provided below should give you a general idea approximately how much a partial vehicle wrap will cost based on your requirements.

  • Full color printed vinyl
  • Rear plus two sides
  • Full size vehicle
  • Moderate Design
  • Moderate Design

Total Cost: Starting at $2,000

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